Loft Fitted Wardrobes


Loft fitted wardrobes

We create unique and space saving fitted wardrobes for loft rooms throughout London. We will visit you in your home and discuss your ideas, the materials and colour scheme you require, which particular fixtures and fittings you have in mind and above all, listen to your dreams. Prices for fitted loft wardrobes all include delivery and installation.

Fitted loft wardrobes

Installing a loft fitted wardrobe comes with several benefits. It will give you an increased functionality due to the increased efficiency of storage of your clothing and items. It will also free up other space in other rooms with a sloped ceiling, for example, many people have the idea to turn their loft into an office, or as a spare bedroom.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Installing fitted wardrobes for loft rooms?

Having a bespoke fitted wardrobe also has the added benefit of increasing your property's value should you be considering to sell your house. It’s also easy to maintain as you don’t have to worry about the tops and sides of the wardrobe gathering dust. There are many kinds of wardrobe that one might end up using in a given area, but choosing a loft fitted wardrobe will ultimately be used is the best way to go. It will dramatically improve your living space in lofts and attics that are irregular in shape by installing custom made bespoke wardrobes. Slide Wardrobes London have been providing customers with bespoke wardrobes of their dreams since 2004. Every loft fitted wardrobe is made to measure to maximise storage and living space. Our ultimate goal is to bring your ideas to reality by enabling you choose the ideal material and style of your bespoke wardrobe. Other benefits of choosing Slide Wardrobes include:

  • Every stage of the design is signed off as we progress
  • All our experts are qualified designers and engineers 
  • We use high quality fixtures and fittings 
  • 10 year warranty for peace of mind


Other services offered include sliding door wardrobes, walk in wardrobes and various other bespoke wardrobes. 

For bespoke wardrobes London contact us for a design visit by our experts. 



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